9th Edition of The Border Guide – Definitive Guide to Living on Both Sides of US/Canadian Border – Now Available

Based on reader and market demand, Self Counsel Press is pleased to announce the release of the 9th Edition of The Border Guide, a best-selling book on living and investing on both sides of the Canadian/US border. Written by international finance expert Robert Keats, RFP (CDA), CFP™ (CDA), CFP® (US), MSFP, and available at Amazon.com today, the 9th edition has been expanded to assist Canadians wishing to take advantage of the perfect storm of the high Canadian dollar and low US real estate prices to invest in the United States.

Other additions to the book include:

  • An overview of the Fifth Protocol, which is a Canadian/US treaty that provides new benefits for Canadians and Americans living on both sides of the border;
  • Several thousand technical changes in tax and immigration laws in both Canada and the United States over the past two years as well as an overview of the substantial changes to US estate tax rules, both at the federal and state level;
  • Enhanced retirement options for Canadians in the United States created by the stronger Canadian dollar;
  • Q&As from individuals dealing with real and timely complex cross-border circumstances;
  • Detailed information for Americans and Canadians working on both sides of the border as it pertains to Social Security and pension benefits; and
  • Transferring credit ratings between borders.

In the 9th Edition, Keats names Arizona, California and Florida as the most popular US states for Canadians based on weather, location, tax rates and other technical data followed by Nevada, Washington, New York and Hawaii. He also dispels several popular cross-border misconceptions including:

  • You lose money changing Canadian dollars to US dollars;
  • Canada has no estate or inheritance taxes;
  • An amendment to the Canada-US Tax Treaty eliminated the US non-resident estate taxes;
  • RRSPs can be left alone if you move to the United States;
  • Canadian exit tax is too high for you to leave Canada;
  • You will earn lower rates of interest investing in the United States;
  • Wills are all you need for a complete estate plan;
  • Investing in the United States means you must file US tax returns;
  • You can’t be a citizen of both countries at the same time;
  • You lose your CPP/QPP and OAS by moving to the United States;
  • Medial insurance is too expensive in the United States; and
  • Investments in the United States are riskier than in Canada.

In addition to releasing the 9th Edition of The Border Guide, Keats will also hold one-day workshops in Arizona, California and Florida focusing on Canadian cross-border living. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in both the United States and Canada, Keats will provide valuable information on cross-border currency exchange, US immigration after 9/11, estate planning and investment management. Advance registration is required, and space is limited. All attendees will receive a copy of all presentation materials as well as the newest edition of The Border Guide. To register for a workshop, please call (800) 678-5007. For more information, or to purchase a copy of The Border Guide, please visit www.keatsconnelly.com.

About The Border Guide

The Border Guide is written for both Canadians and Americans, regardless of which direction they may be moving or investing across the 49th parallel, and is a particularly great resource for: Canadians who are considering some form of permanent or seasonal residency in the United States; Canadians who have resided in the United States for employment and are contemplating returning to Canada; US citizens living in, investing in or moving to Canada; US citizens married to Canadians and vice versa. The book is written to help its readers:

  • Avoid getting caught by fluctuations in Canadian currency;
  • Qualify for old-age and social security benefits on both sides of the border;
  • Get the best from both the Canadian and US medical systems — without the disadvantages of either;
  • Buy a retirement home and deduct the mortgage interest from your Canadian tax return;
  • Receive your Canadian pensions in the US — almost tax-free;
  • Make US-based investments that are exempt from US income tax and filing requirements;
  • Use the new US–Canada Tax Treaty to receive the equivalent of an unlimited capital gains exemption; and
  • Alleviate your tax burden when you return to Canada after an extended stay in the United States.

About Robert Keats

Robert Keats, RFP (CDA), CFP™ (CDA), CFP® (US), MSFP, is an internationally renowned expert on cross-border financial planning. He is a contributing editor to Canadian MoneySaver, and his articles have been featured in the L.A. Times, the Globe and Mail and the National Post. Keats began his financial planning career in 1976 and is president and major shareholder of the largest financial advisory firm specializing in Canada-United States cross-border financial planning, KeatsConnelly. He lives in Phoenix. For more information, please visit www.keatsconnelly.com.

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