Remove the Pain from Second Home Ownership

By Pauline Prescott of Aluxio Homes

James and Melissa were looking for a second home in Scottsdale and after a few months they closed on a property then headed back to Toronto.  One of their friends in Scottsdale had taken a set of keys and promised to “check in” on the property and keep them updated. 

Then “the call” came…. the local homeowner’s association called James and left a message to return the call immediately.  She explained a monsoon storm had damaged their home by causing a tree branch to shatter a kitchen window and damage a faucet in the sink.  There was significant water damage to the home’s lower level.  The storm had taken place over three weeks ago but was just noticed by the HOA inspector doing a routine check in the area.  James and Melissa’s friends were on holiday.  James authorized the repairs but thousands of dollars of damage had occurred.  James had to head to Arizona to deal with all of the logistical issues for the repairs.  It was a frustrating and costly experience, his friends could have been more diligent but they were watching over his property as a favor.  In the end, this was a problem for James and Melissa to deal with.

Managing a vacation home remotely can be a complex and often frustrating challenge.  Relying upon the informal assistance from local family, friends can lead to significant problems. Commissioning a local handyman, neighbor or cleaning company to provide oversight can further introduce the issues of allowing access to non-professionals who may be uninsured and un-bonded into your home.

At Aluxio, our only business is professional, proactive management of properties for remote homeowners and we have ten years experience across locations including Arizona, Florida, Colorado, and Mexico.  We operate an online system allowing immediate access to information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Our 24 hour call center is available to speak with you at any time.  All reports are logged online but we are just a phone call away if you need to speak with us live.  Aluxio can also manage the set up of a new home as well as manage the bill payments on your behalf.

This type of service is a value added for anyone living a cross-border lifestyle.  Aluxio will tailor a package for you to best meet your personal needs. 

For more information visit our website or call 480-473-4922.

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