Renewal – Refocused, Reenergized

BulletA common ritual as a new year begins is to reflect on the previous year, assess how the year went and make decisions on how to move forward in the new  year. We have done this with the KeatsConnelly blog, and want to kick of the New Year with a post outlining the direction for the blog this year. In 2013, you will see a renewal in how we approach our blog, a refocused sense of purpose and overall reenergized activity.

We’d like to use this first blog post of the year to outline what you can expect from the KeatsConnelly blog over the next year.

New Authors, New Ideas!

The most exciting news is that you will begin to see writing from a variety of new authors on the blog! We are developing a roster of regular contributors to the blog drawing from the deep pool of thoughtful, educated professionals at KeatsConnelly.  You will begin to see regular contributions from the following three contributors on the blog:

Rachel Stever – Rachel is new to blogging but has been with KeatsConnelly for six years, working in the Investment Department.  She is looking forward to contributing here.

Nathan Gehring – Nathan has been contributing to a variety of blogs and media outlets, and running his own blogs for several years. You can find his writing scattered throughout the internet. Nathan writes about financial decision-making and his writing is often a bit quirky and off-color.

John Rice – John has been working as a cross-border planner and investment professional for KeatsConnelly for over ten years and has been helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals for over twenty years. He is Vice President of the CF At Society of South Florida and an instructor in the CFA preparatory program at Florida Atlantic University.

In addition, we have carved out space to include one guest contributor per month to bring a different twist and new ideas to what our regular contributors offer. In time, you may see some of these guest contributors become regular contributors.

Regularity Rocks

You can also expect blog posts to come with renewed regularity. We will post a new piece every Wednesday from one of our regular contributors, and we will continue delivering our “Cross-Border Weekly Best of the Web” posts every Friday. The third Wednesday of every month will be reserved for our monthly guest contributor.

We will also have a theme for each month, and every Wednesday post will revolve in some fashion around this theme. For January, our theme is “Renewal”. You will see a post about using the New Year to take stock financially by Rachel, another about the impact of renewed and recycled products on an economy by John and our guest blogger for the month, Virginia Dhondt, will be writing about reframing in order to shape behavior.

We look forward to bringing you a renewed, refocused and reenergized blog in 2013. We will bring you interesting, compelling content and do so with regularity. We hope you will join us on this journey by subscribing to our RSS feed or email.

And we wish you much success in the New Year!

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