KeatsConnelly Cross-Border Weekly Best of the Web 2013-6-14

 KeatsConnelly Cross-Border Weekly Best of the Web 2013-6-14

web-search-greyEvery week we share news stories, blog articles and other interesting stuff from around the web that received the most views, shares, comments and overall interest on various KeatsConnelly social media outlets.

This week we offer a mix of articles discussing financial regrets, trust fund babies, and stock strategies.

Millionaires’ Financial Regrets, According to DeVere Group ( The top financial regret of a majority of high-net-worth individuals is not having a financial plan earlier in life, according to the deVere Group. When asked what their first financial regret is, 57 percent of 659 deVere Group clients responded that it was not having set up a reviewable financial plan sooner. The clients who were queried by deVere had at least $1 million in investable assets. DeVere is an international financial consulting and investment group…

Confessions of a Trust Fund Baby (  Just before my 16th birthday, my mom wrote a check from my account to buy me a BMW 328i, and that is where I learned to drive a stick shift. That car had a lot of power under the hood, and I used and abused it. I almost crashed it twice, once while I was racing someone on the highway .I didn’t realize how quickly I was coming up behind another car — it looked like it was standing still — until a friend riding shotgun started screaming. The car saw me and swerved out of the way just in time (thank God). The other time, I was racing another young brat in his BMW on a backcountry road. I spun out and narrowly avoided sliding into a copse of trees…

Is Your Stock Strategy Working?( For Eugene Fama, the University of Chicago professor and father of modern finance, the key to investing is relatively simple – stay in a low-cost, diversified portfolio to capture virtually all market returns with a mix that’s right for the amount of risk you can stomach. Yet few people really believe that will work – they don’t like staying still – so they chase active managers or pick stocks themselves, usually buying and selling at the wrong times. They deceive themselves into thinking that they can outwit the smartest managers in the world and their costs won’t sink them…

Come back next week for more interesting news and articles. Enjoy your weekend!

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