Waiting Out Summer

CalendarContributed by Rachel Stever.  Autumn has always been my favorite season. Unfortunately, we won’t see it in Phoenix for another month or two. When I was growing up all our family vacations were in the summer so I knew that Arizona was hotter than most places, but it never really clicked that the other seasons were that different. When we drove up north to Flagstaff for a winter weekend snow was a novelty. My child logic thought it was something special that only happened in the mountains.

A friend of mine in New England posted online about how excited she was for scarf weather coming back soon. Another friend in Seattle sent out a link to a winter boot sale. I spent my weekend sitting in the shade with my feet in my nephew’s play pool. Even my sun-loving Chihuahua is sticking to the shade as we wait out the end of summer.

Last summer I spent August clearing out closets and purging clutter. I’m going to do the same this year (it’s amazing how much one person can accumulate in a year), but I’m trying to take my time with it. Last year I got caught up in getting rid of things and have since had to replace a few books I donated. I also spent a week last spring convinced I had donated the box of dolls I planned to give my niece and a basket of dry cleaning until I found them both at the back of the closet.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few projects finished around the house once the clutter is cleared. I’m trying to go paperless with my personal files and am also trying out a new envelope system budgeting app on my phone. I told my grandma about it and she said it was exactly how she budgeted when she was raising a family, only she used real envelopes and cash.

After my closets and files are all cleaned up I’m going to try and spend more time on books and less time on Netflix. In addition to my own reading list, I have some recommendations from friends and family that I promised to give a try. It’s a good thing I get most of my books for my e-reader now. Otherwise I’d be running out of bookshelf space and accidently putting new books in the donation box.

By then it should have cooled off enough to venture outdoors again. It may not be cool enough for scarves and boots in Phoenix for a while but I can load up the dogs and head north for a day or two.


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