KeatsConnelly Cross-Border Weekly Best of the Web 2014-4-11

web-search-greyEvery week we share news stories, blog articles and other interesting stuff from around the web that received the most views, shares, comments and overall interest on various KeatsConnelly social media outlets.

This week we offer an eclectic mix of articles looking at an apocalyptic view of the international monetary system to an effort to strengthen trade ties between Canada and the USA to issues with IRAs.

Is the international monetary system nearing collapse? ( – Yesterday, I finished reading James G. Rickards’ new book, The Death of Money. It’s a book that asks a lot of important questions. The book speculates about potential future changes to the international monetary system. Today, the main reserve currency in the world — used for the buying and selling of energy, resources, and other international trade, as well as a store of purchasing power for governments, corporations, and international institutions — is the United States dollar. Over 60 percent of countries’ monetary reserves are held in U.S. dollars…

New U.S. ambassador to Canada seeks to strengthen trade relations ( – The new U.S. ambassador to Canada wants to play the role of deal-broker, helping to complete cross-border investments, and dialing up premiers and U.S. governors to push trade. And Bruce Heyman, the high-powered Chicago investment banker who has arrived as U.S. President Barack Obama’s envoy, is telling Canadians that there’s far more to trade relations than the approval of the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline – and suggested it should not be allowed to dominate relations.

3 Things You Didn’t Know About IRA Prohibited Transactions ( – Prohibited transactions are a list of things that you cannot do with your retirement account. In fact, they are one of the worst things you can do with a retirement account. When a prohibited transaction occurs, your entire IRA is deemed distributed as of January 1 of the year you made the prohibited transaction. This can lead to any number of negative consequences, the least of which include massive taxation and penalties. Since the prohibited transaction rules are so important, the basic information can be readily found in IRS publications and other places on the web, but here are 3 things most people don’t know about them…

Come back next week for more interesting news and articles. Enjoy your weekend!

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