The 5 Most Viewed KeatsConnelly Blog Posts Of The First Two Years

We thought it would make a lot of sense to follow up on our “The 5 Most Viewed KeatsConnelly Blog Posts Of All Time” and offer you a list of the 5 most viewed blog posts from the first two years of the KeatsConnelly Blog. The All Time list was dominated by posts published in the past two years. This isn’t suprising since the number of people following this blog has increased steadly since the early days. But that doesn’t mean the content early on was any less rich or valuable. Perhaps you’ll find something helpful in the list below that you weren’t around for or missed when it was originally posted.

#1. “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly AND The Why of Social Networking” – Are you sick of hearing about social networking yet? Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on and on…. You can’t escape the buzz about these things without entirely disconnecting from the internet, from TV, from print and radio outlets, from the world! It can grow tiresome, especially if you are not involved and don’t see the value in it all. But there is incredible value. Social networking may be transformative in the way we communicate and in the way we connect the world over. So why might you want to get involved and discover this value? Let’s explore…

#2. “Dumping US Citizenship: Wild Assumptions Abound! Plus, is it really a good idea?” – A recent article on the AdvisorOne blog titled “More U.S. Citizens Jumping Ship to Avoid Taxes” continues a recent trend in articles claiming exactly what the title implies: people are giving up US citizenship in order to avoid taxes. Interestingly, there is a common theme in these articles… there is no data to support the claim! Further, immigration into the United States has also been increasing…

#3. “US Residents and OHIP” – There is some controversy concerning US residents (US citizens and green card holders) accessing the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). For years, US residents have accessed OHIP with impunity. Yet, some green card holders are warned to turn in their OHIP cards and stopping accessing the program when they exit Canada. What is the real story? The short answer is that under current OHIP rules, US residency and OHIP are usually incompatible, but with proper planning one can “double dip” or access the Canadian and US health care systems concurrently…

#4. “More IRS Foreign Reporting” – The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) affects US taxpayers with foreign accounts and assets. Costs to report to the IRS will increase for these additional reporting requirements. There will also be increased penalties for non-compliance. US taxpayers are well aware of the requirements to file with the Department of the Treasury form TD F 90-22.1, Report of Foreign Bank and Foreign Accounts (“FBAR”) for foreign financial accounts with an aggregate minimum amount of $10,000 in which the US taxpayer has signature authority over. FATCA introduces a second set of filings now to accompany the US 1040 return…

#5. “Stephen Thompson on US Social Security” – Good news. In a reversal of its decision last year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has once again made Social Security Statements available to verify earnings for past years and to provide estimates of future benefits. Earnings determine the number of Social Security quarters which in turn determines eligibility for Social Security benefits. Without the annual earnings data, tracking progress toward the minimum number of quarters needed to qualify for Social Security benefits becomes very difficult to monitor. As of May 1, Social Security Statements are available online at…

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