Community Spirit Award

KeatsConnelly (KCA) Owner/Founder, Robert F. Keats and Partner/CEO, Dale A. Walters are strongly committed to the support of local charitable organizations. Their employees are encouraged and given the opportunity to do the same. KeatsConnelly owners provide time during the day, with pay, for employees to participate in projects for such worthy organizations as Arizona Saves, Save the Family and Habitat for Humanity. Our full day projects have included cleaning, scraping and painting apartments and houses, inside and out. We are there to support an effort to ready homes for families in need, and eager to do whatever it takes to make that happen. In addition to our “hands-on” work, KeatsConnelly will often make a financial contribution to the organization for the purchase of necessities such as furnishings, appliances, even groceries, to help set a family off to a good start and a better chance for success.

Other projects coordinated throughout the year often entail a personal time commitment from our employees. Through Arizona Saves, KeatsConnelly planners have aided families in issues of financial education and support, to the extent of helping one single mother of four children save for a down payment on her first home.

For several years, on a Saturday, the KeatsConnelly staff has participated in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk. This past holiday season, we held a Toys for Girls and Boys toy drive sponsored through Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Our employees enthusiastically donated items to be enjoyed by children who will not be home with their families over the holidays. We even learned that the gifts would be delivered to the children by Santa, himself!!

This year, we are planning a western barbecue for families at The Ronald McDonald House. We will decorate, dressed in our denim and cowboy boots, flip burgers and hopefully brighten the day for parents who have spent many hours at either St. Joseph’s Hospital or Phoenix Children’s Hospital caring for a seriously ill child.

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