Financial Planning

Our cross-border team of experts helps you develop and achieve your personal and family financial goals.  Financial planning is a dynamic process that requires creativity, thoughtfulness, regular monitoring and periodic reevaluation.  We make it easy by providing you the knowledge of cross-border tax, financial planning and business issues and helping you to understand your best path forward.

The Value of Financial Planning

The Financial Planning Standards Council conducted a three-year longitudinal study to evaluate and understand the value proposition of financial planning.  In summary, Canadians who engage in comprehensive financial planning with a CFP® professional have higher levels of financial and emotional well-being.  Click here for survey result details.

The KeatsConnelly approach has five main steps:

  1. Assessment: We develop your statements of financial position and cash flow. The personal statement of financial position documents the value of your personal assets (car, house, clothes, stocks, bank account, et al) and personal liabilities (credit card debt, bank loan, mortgage, et al), and the personal cash flow statement lists personal income and expenses.
  2. Setting goals: Setting goals is an essential part of financial planning. It is not uncommon to have several goals, and having some short term and some long term goals. We’ll help you gain clarity on these so that we can begin with the end in mind on both sides of the border.
  3. Creating a plan: The financial plan that we develop for you details how to accomplish your goals. It includes expenses, immigration, employment income, real estate and other cross-border opportunities and issues.
  4. Implementation: Execution of the personal financial plan requires discipline and perseverance. We can work with you to identify and execute critical aspects of your financial plan.
  5. Monitoring and reassessment: We work with you to monitor and help reassess the financial plan to stay on course or make adjustments.

Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive financial planning services that allow you to realize your dream of a Canada-US lifestyle.