In an effort to provide North America’s best cross-border tax and financial planning services, we start with experience, knowledge and integrity.  Integrity?  Yes – integrity is an absolutely essential differentiator of KeatsConnelly; serving as a driver for everyone on our team to do his or her best in all aspects of serving our clients.  You can trust and count on us to always work in your best interests.  We hire and manage based on each member of KeatsConnelly achieving and maintaining the highest personal standards; it is who we are.  We view our integrity as being important for you in at least three areas:

1. Integrity of Individuals. Each member of KeatsConnelly is held accountable to show extreme strength of character and complete commitment to client success.  We do not accept excuses or play the blame game.  We say what we’re going to do and then we do it.  We will discuss tough topics when needed.  Our honesty, knowledge, skill, professionalism and continuous improvement optimize your success and make us easy to work with.

2. Integrity of Each Functional Member. Bringing cross-border tax, accounting, financial and investment management together across functions at the highest levels is not easy.  Thankfully, we work to make it simple for you because you can trust that we know your unique circumstances and the law and will advise you on the best path forward.  Laws in the US and Canada are decidedly different and oft-times frustratingly complex.  We work to simplify the complexity by having a team of experts who are committed to knowing their own area, working seamlessly together as a team so you can focus on enjoying your cross-border lifestyle.

3. Integrity of Our Goals. Our goal every day is to provide you with the absolute best cross-border knowledge and opportunities that fit your unique goals and desires.  We demand of ourselves that we exceed customer expectations and continually ask how we can create more value for you.  These goals are built-in to our business from the founders and are carried on by the current leadership and team.  You can be assured that we are always thinking of new ways to help you enrich your cross-border lifestyle.

Evidence of your integrity comes from the following:

1. Our clients continually refer new clients to us,

2. The awards KeatsConnelly has won for ethics, community service, company culture, and workplace flexibility. See awards page, and

3. Our employees who continually provide the highest score, in internal surveys, for company ethics and integrity.