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KeatsConnelly provides income and estate tax preparation services to its full service private client, cross-border and investment clients. For our discerning clients, we offer full service US and Canadian tax planning and preparation that is fully integrated with our other services to ensure that our clients achieve superior overall financial results including after-tax investment returns, coordinated cash and foreign exchange management, and full financial strategies that optimize tax savings along with the other financial aspects of a cross-border lifestyle.

If you are interested in cross-border tax services without seeking a full coordinated service approach, we do not offer tax-only services.

Cross-Border Tax & Accounting is a referral partner and is not affiliated with KeatsConnelly. We suggest that you visit their website at if you are interested in pursuing tax-only services.

Cross-Border Books
The Border Guide
Now available in its 12th edition, The Border Guide has sold over 80,000 copies and is considered the definitive cross-border financial tool for Canadians living, working and investing in the United States.
A Canadian's Best Tax Haven
This book will show you how to realize your dream of living a lifestyle in a climate that allows for year-round golfing and sandy beaches while lowering your taxes and cost of living.

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