2010 Top Wealth Management Firm Award 10th Year in a Row



KeatsConnelly, a wealth management firm in Phoenix that assists Canadians and Americans in realizing their dreams of a cross-border lifestyle, has been named one of the top wealth management firms in the country by Wealth Manager Magazine, as part of its Ninth Annual Wealth Manager “Top Dog” report. Keats, Connelly has been honored each year since the list’s inception.

According to Wealth Manager, to be considered a firm must be a registered investment advisor with its own IARD/CRD number, have minimum assets under advisement of $50 million and must offer financial planning services. Additionally, at least half of each of the firm’s clients must be high net worth individuals as defined by the SEC. A firm can be nominated by another firm or business contact for inclusion on the list, or it can register itself for consideration, as Keats, Connelly did.

“There are many outstanding wealth management firms across the nation, and we are honored to be included among them,” said Dale Walters, CPA, PFS, CFP®, chief executive officer for KeatsConnelly. “We feel that our success is due to our culture of ethics and looking out for our clients’ best interest at all times. This has led to tremendously loyal clients and employees.”

About KeatsConnelly

KeatsConnelly is the largest wealth management firm in the United States specializing in US/Canadian cross-border issues. With offices in Arizona, Florida and Michigan, the firm’s focus is to reduce the stress associated with living, investing and working on both sides of the border, while at the same time creating opportunities for very large potential tax savings. The firm’s fee-only compensation model enables the company to maintain its philosophy of promoting clients’ best interests, at all times, while avoiding any potential conflict of interest with commissions. For more information, please visit www.keatsconnelly.com.