The Border Guide

The Border Guide by Mr Robert Keats

Written by Mr. Robert Keats, the Founder of KeatsConnelly, The Border Guide has sold over 70,000 copies and is considered the definitive and comprehensive cross-border financial tool for Canadians living, working and investing in the United States. To date each edition has been a Canadian best seller.

Because both Canadians and US citizens comfortably cross the border to temporarily reside, work or invest in the bordering country, they also incorrectly assume the laws governing investment, taxation and immigration are similar in both the US and Canada. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in both the US and Canada, Mr. Keats wrote The Border Guide to help Canadians and US Citizens alike avoid the unpleasant surprises that can arise when conducting basic financial transactions or buying real estate across the border.

Although The Border Guide was written for Canadians considering some form of permanent or seasonal residency in the United States or who have resided there for employment or other reasons and are contemplating returning to Canada, it will also prove useful for US citizens living in or moving to Canada or US Citizens married to Canadians. The book is also of particular value to Canadians who intend to invest or do business in the US The leading step-by-step guide to help you transact your cross-border business affairs with competence and confidence.

The Border Guide is available at:

Or, request a copy at your local bookstore.

The Border Guide covers the following topics:

  • An Introduction to Personal Cross-Border Financial Planning
  • How to Beat the Exchange Rate Blues
  • Cross-Border Tax Planning
  • Non-Resident Estate Planning
  • Getting the Most from Out-of-Country Medical Coverage
  • An Investor’s Guide to the United States
  • Moving to the United States
  • Canadian Versus US Taxation Policies
  • Returning Residents
  • Investing as US Resident
  • The Art of Double Dipping – US and Canadian Social Security
  • How Small Business Owners Can Reap Huge Rewards
  • Choosing a Cross-Border Planning Professional