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Book Photo Border Guide, The
This book is the definitive guide to cross-border financial planning. If you are a Canadian living in the US or if you are an American citizen returning to the US, this book can save you time, money and headaches.
Book Photo A Canadian’s Best Tax Haven: The US
This book will help you realize a lifestyle choice that involves a climate with year-round golfing and sandy beaches is not only possible, but can also save you money in the form of lower cost of living and lower income taxes.

Estate Planning

Book Photo Beyond The Grave
For everyone concerned with preventing family conflict over their estates, this is the first book to give precise instructions that ensure that each heir receives an equitable and thoughtful legacy–while the IRS and lawyers get the minimum amount.
Book Photo How To Settle An Estate
This practical and step-by-step guide leads readers through the maze of legal documents, forms, letters, and notices to be filed and the procedures that must be followed to fulfill all obligations when settling an estate.

Financial Planning

Book Photo Making the Most of Your Money
The author of Everyone’s Money Book writes personal-finance columns for Newsweek, Woman’s Day and 250 newspapers nationwide. Now she provides a clear, user-friendly financial planner to help readers make financial choices.
Book Photo Money and the Meaning of Life
This remarkable book combines myth and psychology, the poetry of the Sufis and the wisdom of King Solomon, along with Needleman’s searching of his own soul and his culture to explain how money can become a unique means of self-knowledge.
Book Photo Roth IRA Book: A Investor’s Guide
by Ph.D. Gobind Daryanani
Book Photo Staying Wealthy
You’ve built a successful business, or earned a lot of money and invested it wisely, or skillfully managed the family business you inherited. Now it’s time to figure out what to do with it all, as taking it with you isn’t an option.
Book Photo T.A.S.K. – The Trusted Advisor’s Survival Kit
The T.A.S.K. gives you the wisdom of 46 experts from all areas of tax, estate, legal, and financial consulting — with over 1,000 years of collective experience.
Book Photo WSJ Guide to Understanding Personal Finance
This visually appealing, user-friendly guide initiates the reader into the world of money and the financial markets.
Book Photo Your Money or Your Life
The authors set forth a step-by-step regimen that involves accounting for every penny you spend, avoiding every expense you can, and stashing all your savings in Treasury bonds until you’re able to live off the interest.


Book Photo Searching For Certainty
by John Casti
Book Photo The Fortune Sellers
No one can foretell the future. Or can they? There are many who purport to–and they are making a fortune.


Book Photo Choosing and Using an HMO
America’s leading HMO reporter provides a tool kit for knowledgeably choosing the right HMO or health plan and getting the most out of it.
Book Photo Life Insurance Sense and Nonsense
by Glenn S. Daily
Book Photo Smarter Insurance Solutions
The average household spends 16% of its budget on insurance, yet consumers know very little about their coverage.

Investment Books

Book Photo Against The Gods
A comprehensive history of man’s efforts to understand risk and probability, beginning with early gamblers in ancient Greece, continuing through the 17th-century French mathematicians Pascal and Fermat and up to modern chaos theory.
Book Photo An Investor’s Anthology
by Charles Ellis
Book Photo Capital Ideas
When the 1974 recession hit Wall Street, investment professionals desperately turned to academia to help regain the value of their clients’ holdings.
Book Photo Common Sense on Mutual Funds
Bogle–founder of the Vanguard Group–makes a strong case for index funds with this exhaustive study of investing.
Book Photo Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits
This classic investment book, first published in 1958, fascinates investors because it enables them to discern the origins of some of today’s most popular investment philosophies.
Book Photo Financial Shenanigans
Would a company with serious financial problems want to broadcast that fact in its corporate report? Of course not! A noted authority uncovers the gimmicks used to hide ailing finances.
Book Photo Global Bargain Hunting
Completely updated to include late-breaking information on changing global markets, this book introduces readers to the most exciting money-making opportunity of the 21st century.
Book Photo Handbook of Fixed Income Securities
For years, individual and institutional investors have relied on “The Handbook” to help them understand the dynamics and opportunities within the fixed income market.
Book Photo How Mutual Funds Work
This book outlines the stock market, the bond market, asset allocation, index funds, variable annuities, tax considerations, and the role of computers.
Book Photo Random Walk Down Wall Street
First published in 1973, this seventh printing of a A Random Walk looks forward and does so broadly, examining a new range of investment choices facing the turn-of-the-century investor.
Book Photo Stocks For The Long Run
With research dating back to 1802, Stocks for the Long Run convincingly argues that stocks out perform all other investments over the long-term.
Book Photo Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
For 50 years, this universally acclaimed classic has remained the bible on technical stock analysis.
Book Photo Telecosm
by George Gilder
Book Photo The Index Fund Solution
This step-by-step, jargon-free guide to investing with index mutual funds is coauthored by the bestselling author of “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”.
Book Photo The Intelligent Investor
A revised edition of the best-selling investment guide takes account of both the defensive and the enterprising investor.
Book Photo The Meaning of the Microcosm
bye George Gilder
Book Photo The Portable Financial Analyst
A unique collection of essays that addresses the heart of every investors and analysts dilemma: how to make decisions in the face of unknown forces and how to assert some control over the outcome.
Book Photo The Terrible Truth About Investing
by Bruce Temkin
Book Photo The Victorian Internet
The parallels between the now-ubiquitous Internet and the telegraph are amazing, offering insight into the ways new technologies can change the very fabric of society within a single generation.
Book Photo Value Investing
bye Martin Whitman
Book Photo Voodoo Science
This book covers them all: Pathological science, junk science, pseudoscience, and fraudulent science.
Book Photo Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes
The authors describe the burgeoning new era of research to reveal why people spend, invest, save, borrow, and waste money.
Book Photo Winning The Loser’s Game
This indispensable investment guide asks the question: How can an individual invest successfully when the majority always fails?


Book Photo The New Retirementality
by Mitch Anthony – 3rd edition – The New Retirementality outlines a cleverly named concept that should be of interest to anyone uneasy with the traditional requirement that Americans totally drop one portion of their lives….

Tax Planning

Book Photo The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2011
24th Edition – The top tax guide from America’s leading tax and accounting firm.

Investing principles

Book Photo The Investment Answer
by Daniel C. Goldie and Gordon S. Murray
The Five Key Decision Every Investor Needs to Make.
Book Photo Winning the Loser’s Game
by Charles Ellis
Timeless Strategies for Successful Investing.
Book Photo Common Sense on Mutual Funds
by John C. Bogle 10th Anniversary Edition
Book Photo The Intelligent Investor
by Benjamin Graham
The Definitive Book on Value Investing
Book Photo The Four Pillars of Investing
by William J. Bernstein Lessons for Building a Winning Portfolio

Comparison of Canadian and US Mutual Funds

Summarized from a Canadian Securities Administrators Discussion Paper

Active versus Passive

Book Photo Someone Will Make Money on Your Funds, Why Not You?
by Gary L. Gastineau
Book Photo A Random Walk Down Wall Street
by Burton Malkiel – Professor of Economics at Princeton
The Time-Test Strategy for Successful Investing

S&P Dow Jones Indices versus Active Funds (SPIVA®) Research and Scorecards

The Arithmetic of Investment Expenses
by William F. Sharpe – Nobel Laureate and professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business

Economic Growth and Equity Investing – Audio by CFA Institute (39 minutes)

Who Should Hedge Tail Risk?
by Robert Litterman and the CFA Institute
Tail Risk is low probability events, recently referred to as Black Swan events

Behavioral Finance

Book Photo What Investors Really Want  

by Meir Statman
Discover what drives investor behavior and make smarter financial decisions

Book Photo Fooled by Randomness  

by Nicholas Taleb
The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets

Behavioral Biases and Investment Implications by Scott A. Bosworth

Markets Work
by Dimensional Fund Advisors

Market History

Book Photo Capital Ideas  

by Peter L. Bernstein
The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall Street